Leadership Training

What Kind of Leader Are You?

  • We will introduce and explore various leadership styles

  • What Kind of Leader are You? : Discovering your leadership style

  • Tools for effective leadership

Professional Development

What is Professional Development?

An opportunity to enhance ones skills, advancement of leadership qualifications, intensive collaborative practices. To promote integrity, and experience in ones career through seminars, workshops, conferences, and informal learning opportunities .

Conflict Resolution

What is Conflict?

  • Navigating conflict in the workplace.

  • Identifying red flags

  • Recovering from conflict

Personal Development

  • Identifying personal strengths & weaknesses and how to use them to propel you to the next level.

  • Goal setting.

  • Social/Emotional competency training & workshops.

Etiquette Training

Who's Cup is it Anyway?

  • Table placement basics & Decorum

  • Business dinner Do's & Don'ts

  • Networking Decorum

Team Building

Group collaborations and cohesion are important key ingredients to building a successful team.Through various exercises, effective practices, and principles, we aim to help foster healthy team dynamics to improve the culture of your work space.

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